Create applications for the Agriculture Industry

Event Summary

herScript Hacks is an annual regional hackathon meant to engage and excite the tech community by creating technological solutions to real-world problems. This year’s herScript hackathon will be an agTech themed hackathon for college level students interested in AgTech.



Event Vibe

herScript will create an environment that fosters innovation. Each team will be encouraged to think outside of the box and their imagination will have no bounds. Attendees will feel as if they are in an AgTech incubator. A trialogue between students, facebook engineers, and agriculture experts will feel natural, and each conversation will help all parties form relationships and better understand agriculture.

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Registration Requirements
  • Floor: Be familiar with Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures
  • Ceiling: It doesn't exist. Whether you're a student, first-year engineer, or senior engineer, feel free to take the weekend off and hack with us!


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Judging Criteria

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